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These disinfecting wipes contain a stable, low pH formulated disinfectant and deodorant for use on hard, non-porous surfaces, in hospitals, emergency medical settings, laboratories, medical offices, dental offices – where control of cross contamination is required.

$11.75 - $13.95

This nonammoniated, concentrated formula, effectively cleans dried blood, tissue, pumice, food, rouge, Tripoli & buffing compounds from the surface of any appliance while providing a rust inhibitor.


This ready to use formula is excellent for the removal of plaster & stone from bridges, crowns, inlays, splints, dentures orthodontic appliances, instruments, etc.


Use this potent stain remover on dentures, bridges, crowns and orthodontic appliances.


The gentle and non-drying formulation found in this soap with Biostructure contains 7 natural ingredients including aloe and vitamin E.

$11.95 - $22.65

This ready to use solution requires no mixing. The strong, fast-acting formula removes cement and stone quickly and completely from instruments, trays and other appliances.