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These quality cotton rolls are made from 100% cotton, are non-linting, non-sterile, soft texture, pliable and 20% more absorbent than the leading brand.


DEFEND has improved the performance of its cotton filled gauze sponges by adding 20% more cotton.

$44.35 - $74.15

Non-sterile, made from all wood dowels with very tight 100% cotton bud to minimize linting and prevent shredding.

$6.95 - $9.15

These tongue depressors are made of 100% wood and are smooth and splinter-free.


NEW!  Now available in 1,500-count bags!  

Superior ease of use and exceptional infection control. 

$29.95 - $262.65

 Our recyclable, disposable drinking cups have a special embossed grip that provides greater strength and makes dispensing easier.


Fit all standard saliva ejector hose ends.


Fit all standard saliva ejector hose ends.


 NEW!  Triple-beveled needle features an arrow indicator to help orient the bevel position during injections.  



Made of durable construction, these Paper Tray Covers provide low absorbency and fit trays comfortably.