Impression Materials

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 Tips are high performance and for temporary crowns, bridges and acrylics. Available in 10:1, 4:1 and 1:1 ratios


Polyvinylsiloxane impression material for use in the fabrication of CAD/CAM restorations.


An excellent matrix for quick and easy self-cure temporary materials, ClearBite offers great visibility for voids or bubbles!


DEFEND Impression Trays generate consistent, distortion-free impressions!


 The dispensing gun is used to extrude impression materials and bite registration materials from cartridges. It consists of a release lever and a plunger, which are coordinated simultaneously to load and remove the cartridge.

$81.45 - $91.45

 Ultra high quality mixing tips for use with automatic impression material mixing systems .

$19.95 - $100.55